108 Stone Gate Blvd

Elkton MD, 21921

Kelvin Powell, Jr.

Cell: (301) 801-8456 Email:PowellK@vt.edu

Objective Education Relevant Skills Relevant Work Experience Special Interest




In search of a position that will allow me to use my Electrical Engineering Degree, Programming and System Skills, and Field Experience in a creative and innovative team oriented environment to indulge my passion and make further progress down my career path toward becoming a Human Machine Interface Designer for a defense or aerospace design team.




Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University    

Blacksburg, VA

Graduated: August 2008

Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering, Bradley College of Engineering

Relevant Courses:



Engr. Problem Solving with C++

Intro to Data Structures

Technical Writing

Engr. Professionalism for ECE

Continuous and Discrete Systems

Control Systems

Electromagnetic Fields

Microprocessor System Design

Differential Equations

Calculus of Several Variables

Probability & Statistics for Engineers

Engineering Economy

Relevant Skills:



Matlab, PSpice

RS LOGICS 5000 (500)



GEM80 Ladder Logic

MS Office

MS SharePoint

MS Visual Studio

Flash, Fireworks

Dreamweaver, HTML

Java, Visual Basic, Java Script

XNA,C#, C++,C


OPC and SQL Server/Client


Relevant Work Experience:


[Feb 2012 - Current]

Electrical Engineer

Mannington Mills Salem, NJ


  • Identified many opportunity to increase maintenance and production, tracking and reporting through a combination of Microsoft Office tools, VBA programming, MS SQL Server and Java Script
  • Designed, Implemented, Deployed and Maintain the Maintenance Shift Reporting , Production Shift Reporting, and "TODD" (The Online Document Database)
  • Designed, Implemented, Deployed and Maintained a number of legacy and current generation PLC program and drives. Also played an integral part in a legacy upgrade.
  • Successfully reprogrammed a vision system to increased its functionality, accuracy, and reliability, as well added new features like event logging, and diagnostics.
  • Upgraded, installed, and commissioned a drive replacement for 2 failing drives
  • Made several changes to production code to extend or add functionality.


[July 2008-Feb 2012]

Automation  Engineer

SeverStal Sparrows Point,  MD


  • Took charge of Plant Reliability SharePoint Website to make it a more user friendly and functional site. After becoming administrator orchestrated a full upgrade and migration.
  • Used programming skills to increase the capabilities and extend the functionality of several diagnostic and data collection systems.
  • Designed, Implemented, Deployed and Maintain a troubleshooting, diagnostic, and system overview screen for several “high maintenance” system using an existing GEM80 serial communications port, OPC Server, and CIMplicity, with no previous experience.
  • Designed, Fabricated, and Deployed several I/O racks, sensors and related hardware to support the installation and maintenance of several Ancillaries monitoring and control systems. Including HMI screens, local control panels, and local displays.
  • Implemented, Support and Maintain an Ethernet based PLC communication system with fiber, wireless, and Ethernet elements. The network supports both PLC and I/O communications on one subnet, and an HMI network on a separate subnet.


Special Interest:


  • VTGaming  Project
    (Lead Designer, Lead Programmer)
  • 3D modeling, Video Editing
  • Military and Fantasy,  Weapon and Armor Design and Fabrication


  • Designed and Built Submerged PC
  • Redesigned and Built 3D Printer
  • Designed and Built Functioning Ironman Helmet
  • Design and Run Website for personal projects
  • Professional References on Request